Timothy R Zebley Jr

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I created this page to not only share my story but to also share my work. Writing has become a path of self-discovery for me. Writing my story, I discovered so many new things about myself. It has helped me realize so many new things, especially something very special. I won't ruin the surprise, you will just have to keep reading. And, I also discovered, with help, that I had a natural talent for writing. So before you click that "My Story" link, let me tell you a little about myself.

I spent 18 years in foster care from the age of 3 until I aged out at 21. I am now 35 and finally coming to terms with what I had to live through. My story isn't a unique one, far from it. If you look at other foster care alumni's web pages or blogs, you will find many similarities.

Recently, as of writing this, I met a woman who changed my life forever. Not only was this woman a survivor of the foster care system, but she had already published a book. It was a book detailing her experiences while living in the system. We talked for awhile, and she convinced me to tell my story.  At first, I didn't understand why. Then she told me something that would change my perspective on something that I had wanted my entire life. A family!

She explained that we, the foster care alumni, are all family. And not just the alumni. This family extended to every child and every youth currently living in the system. This took me by surprise because I had my own opinion of what a family was made up of. I never thought about family as a group of people who share the same background. Then it hit me, she was right. I had a family and I didn't know it. And the reason was so simple I could have slapped myself silly. The reason that I couldn't see this family was because I was looking in the wrong place. 

And that is why I chose not only to share my story but to also share my other writings as well. She encouraged me to begin writing my story and I did. I was bold enough to ask her if she would be kind enough to read the first chapter and let me know what she thought. As I sat there waiting for a response, I began to think about all the times I had started writing and then gave up. It was painful to remember the past, and I wasn't sure if I could do it. A few short seconds later her response came. She would be willing to read it when she got the chance. 

That was all I needed. I started writing that night. By midnight, I had the first chapter already written. Now, I am no expert writer, I have never been published. I don't even have a college degree. What I do have, as was pointed out to me by my friend, is a talent for wordplay. So please, read my story and/or some of the stories I am working on. Feel free to post comments or suggestions. But I have to warn you, I am the type of writer that works on multiple things at once, it prevents me from getting burned out from writing about the same thing every day.

I look forward to reading your comments and suggestions. And for those of you who are in the system or are alumni's, I hope my story helps you. After all, we are family!